Examination & Promotions

  1. Promotion are granted on the basis of the whole years work of the pupil . The final examination is not a promotion examination. Hence, the importance of regularity in attendance and work. Pupils must therefore, work steadly from the beginning of the year.
  2. There are two unit Tests & held in the course of the year, at the end of each semester, namely October and April. There are also two Terminals, Orals and Practical's as indicated under the syllabus of study.
  3. No text books note books or other papers are to brought into the examination hall. Students must bring their own instrument box, rubber, pencil etc. They are not allowed to leave their seats without the permission of the supervisor in charge of the examination hall.
  4. Students found copying or using unfair means, during Test / Examinations or discovered subsequently will be dealt with severely.
  5. The prompt checking of the remarks and school Report is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.
  6. All promotions and detentions are decided only after careful consideration of all aspects of the pupil's progress. Hence the decision of the Principal in this regard is final and binding.
  7. 35% of marks shall be required to pass in each subject.
  8. In case of S.S.C. examination, the application forms may be filled and fees may be received in advance for convenience only and the school authorities reserve the right to withdraw the said form if the conduct and/or attendance of the pupils are not found satisfactory.
  9. If a pupil is not able to appear for the whole/part of an examination, for a valid and accepted reason, such case will be considered on the strength of the year's record.
  10. All cases of doubt, regarding promotion are left entirely at the description of the Principal and the decision shall be final.
  11. Promotions refused will not be reconsidered.
  12. Before appearing for S.S.C. examination candidates shall be strictly required to pass in the preliminary examinations held in the school.
  13. For sufficient reasons, such as unsatisfied progress in studies, serious misconduct, dishonesty at or absence from a Test and Examination, non-payment of school fees, a pupil's name may be withdrawn from the list of candidates even after having passed the preliminary examination.
  14. To secure promotion to higher standard, a pupil must pass in each subject as per the Rules of the Educational Department which are follows.
    • Promotion of students from one standard to another should be made at the end of the school year on the basis of the average of the whole year.
    • A child failing in 4 or more subjects on the average will have to repeat the class.
    • A child failing in 3 or less subject will be given 15 grace marks a condonation marks to enable him/her to pass.
    • However, in one subject he will not be given more than 10% marks.
  15. Pupils who do not have a minimum attendance of 75% may not be promoted to the higher class or sent for the final examination.
  16. Attendance at all co-curricular activities and physical training is compulsory.