Admission Rules

  1. New admission will be made, subject to there vacancies. No Correspondence will be entertained regarding admissions.
  2. Parents and guardians are given understand that they will not be able to dictate terms and conditions to the management and that the management has to admit or refuse admission to the pupils in the school.
  3. A candidate who joins fresh from home or a private school has to produce official Birth Certificate such as the municipal Certificate in supper date of the birth entered in the admission form.
  4. According to the government regulation only pupil who will complete five and a half years on 1st June, can be admitted to standard first and a corresponding scale of ages is fixed for the subsequent standards.
  5. If the pupil comes from a school outside the state, the school leaving certificate must be countersigned by the education officer of the respective state.
  6. INew pupils are admitted on payment in advance of the admission fee.The amount thus paid can not be refunded even if the pupil for any reason school immediately after the admission.
  7. Pupils coming from un recognized school will be subject to a written test in all subjects. The parent or guardian must produce an affidavit made before a stipendiary, Magistrate clearly stating.
    • The reason, why the pupil did join any recognized school.
    • The name of the unrecognized school.
    • The standard attended and the subjects studied by him.
    • The examination passed if any.
  8. No admissions is completed until the leaving certificate from the school last attended by the applicant is handed over to the school authorities. The school does not bind itself to admit an applicant who on examination is found unfit for the standard for which he/she has applied.